Friday, January 21, 2011

Cloud coming but security makes it gray: Cisco study

During the week of December 6th, Cisco finished up its three part Connected World study by finding that IT is moving to cloud computing but grappling with security and control over data. Fifty-two percent of IT officials responding to a Cisco study use or plan to use cloud computing with high adoption rates in India, Brazil and China. 

But of those 52%, only 18% are actually using it; 34% are in the "plan to use" phase. Eighty-eight percent of respondents expect to be using private and public clouds for some of their data and applications over the next three years. ...the Cisco study found, despite the benefits - 40% of the respondents expect an operational cost reduction of 25% to 49% from virtualization due to optimized resources and faster application provisioning. (Network - 12/09/10) 

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